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I work with my clients to design sessions that meet their needs, and therefore like to have an initial chat to explore what you are hoping to achieve and whether you are looking for Coaching or Hypnotherapy.


First step is to book a 15 minute intro call, and then if you are keen to work with me, I will book you in for either an Hypnotherpy Initial Consultation, or a Coaching Roadmap session where we get clear on goals and create a plan for your sessions. These initial sessions ensure that you are able to get the best of our ongoing sessions together.

See Hypnotherapy Pricing & Booking Links Here

See Coaching Pricing & Booking Links Here

Have a question or prefer to email me? Please contact me Here

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Hypnotherapy Pricing & Booking

Pricing & Booking - Hypnotherapy

15 Minute Intro call: £free

Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation: £35

(Available in person on via zoom)

Ongoing Hypnotherapy Sessions:

£85 an hour

(Bookings of 6 sessions discounted to £450)

Specific phobia's*: £250

(includes 3 x sessions)

Please book a 15 minute call to access this.

Smoking Cessation:£175

(Includes 1 x 90-120 minute session)

Please book a 15 minute call to access this.

How many sessions will I need?

Clients typically need 8-12 sessions for anxiety & depression, but sometimes more. 

*Please note that some phobias are classed as a generalised phobias and may require more sessions. I will advise you in our initial consultation or 15 minute call, how many sessions you are likely to need)

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Pricing & Booking - Coaching

15 Minute Intro call: £free

Coaching Roadmap Session: £45

45 Minute Meeting available in person on via zoom

Ongoing Coaching Sessions:

£90 an hour

(Bookings of 6 sessions discounted to £510)

How many sessions will I need?

Coaching clients typically book in 6 week blocks, and often like to continue depending on their goals.

Prefer to email an enquiry?

Please feel free to send me a message with your query and I will get back to you!

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