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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Here are a selection of reviews from my hypnotherapy & coaching clients to give you an idea of the results that can be achieved...

I am delighted to share my experience with Sophie, who has had a profound impact on my wellbeing. From the moment I began working with her, I immediately felt at ease and knew I was in capable hands.


Sophie's expertise in addressing anxiety and negative intrusive thoughts has been life-changing for me. Week by week, I have noticed a transformation within myself. I now feel more in control of my life and have never been happier or more positive. Sophie's unwavering support has been invaluable in helping me overcome challenges and redirect my focus towards creating a happier and healthier future.


Every session with Sophie she consistently empowers me to make small, manageable changes that have had a significant impact on my overall well-being. Through her guidance, I have learned to embrace the present moment and discover the immense potential within myself.  Sophie has guided me in reframing my thought patterns and supported me in developing effective coping mechanisms.  I eagerly anticipate each session with Sophie, knowing that I will leave feeling equipped and ready to face the week ahead with renewed strength and confidence.


One tool that has particularly enhanced my journey is Sophie's relaxation mp3. This invaluable resource has gifted me with precious moments of tranquility and self-reflection. It has provided me with a much-needed opportunity to prioritise self-care. The soothing and calming nature of the mp3 has become an essential part of my routine, allowing me to find solace and recharge amidst life's demands.


If you are seeking a hypnotherapist who is not only highly skilled but also compassionate and committed to your wellbeing then I wholeheartedly recommend Sophie.  I am eternally grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life, and I am confident that she will do the same for you. 

Kate (Online Hypnotherapy Client)

‘I found Sophie via Facebook and I was looking for help with my anxiety which I suffer mainly due to having MS.


I’ve been working with Sophie for a while now and her approach, sessions and hypno have had a marked difference on how I feel and the improvements I’ve seen in walking and being outside.  She has encouraged a new thought process which I did not have before and the positivity I take from the small (and big) things has made a fundamental change in my life. Very grateful to have met her and always look forward to our sessions’

Natalie (Online Hypnotherapy Client)

I can’t recommend Sophie more highly and I really look forward to continuing this journey with her.

I came out of my sessions with Sophie feeling heard and empowered to attack the things in my life that were making me unhappy, uncovering the route of the issue and tooling me with ways to view and approach the situation to have a completely different and more positive outcome. All I can say is if you feel in a bit of a rut, not sure how to change things, this is for you. I discovered what core values I can work on to achieve a greater sense of being and that makes a huge difference to my day to day life.

Holly (Coaching Client)

Having Sophie as my life coach has given me the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of my life, both positive as well as areas which could be improved.


Sophie’s patient and encouraging nature has given me the motivation and belief that I can make positive changes to my life.  

I would definitely recommend Sophie’s coaching even if you are not sure what it is you wish to change. With her use of skills, you will have the opportunity to be self-reflective and feel confident to make positive changes. 

Wendy (Coaching Client)

After doing some life coaching work with Sophie where we explored ways to improve an ongoing problem I had.


Sophie asked questions that helped lead me to find my own solution.


Sophie is very calm and personable, easy to engage with. I’d whole heartedly recommend Sophie if your needing life coaching.

Alison (Coaching Client)

"My experience of hypnotherapy sessions with Sophie has been hugely positive.


Sophie is a gentle, empathetic individual who has the talent to put one at ease straight away.  Her sessions are calming and imaginative but can also be challenging in a constructive way.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sophie as a guide and an enabler to deliver the benefits of hypnotherapy"

John (Online Hypnotherapy Client)

I highly recommend working with Sophie!


I saw Sophie for a fear of flying which left me with crippling anxiety and panic attacks. After a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Sophie to prepare for my next trip, I have to say the flying was great, and I almost enjoyed it!  I put her audio track on while taxiing and taking off, and just the backing track had me relaxing. I even managed to stay calm with a little turbulence. On the way home it was even better. The sky was beautiful, and I even managed to sit and admire it. I sat and read and drank tea and had a bacon sandwich and felt very in control of my anxiety. I think it’s a subtle change in attitude towards flying which is hard to pinpoint, but I think it has really worked. I’ve got another trip planned and feeling positive about that too. Thank you!

Rachel (Fear of Flying / Flying Phobia Client)

My sessions with Sophie were brilliant and really helped me to adopt a positive mindset when I was feeling off balance.


Her calm and reassuring manner is very relaxing and she gave me some great practical advice which, when coupled with the way she is able to explain how the mind and the brain works, really helps to make sense of things. I would highly recommend time with Sophie!

Nicola (Online Hypnotherapy Client)

Sophie is amazing at getting you to think about your goals and focus on what is important.


She is calm and methodical in her approach and makes you think about different and new ways to approach situations that are preventing you from achieving your goals. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone who is struggling in getting their life back on track or needing that push to achieve what they deserve out of life.

Susan (Coaching Client)

Sophie is brilliant at unlocking the ideas and thoughts you have and turning them into achievable steps. 


She helps you structure things so that they are no longer overwhelming. Instead, she helps you build a pathway to getting things done and importantly shows you that you do have the skills and knowledge to do what you dream of doing.


She's a great mentor and understands the challenges of juggling career, family life, and personal ambition

and how to navigate them better.

Emma (Coaching Client)

Coaching has been a great experience. Sophie is professional, kind and a very good listener.


She helped me make progress in my professional and personal life. Now I communicate my concerns and myself easier and with more confidence. I learnt that small actions help reach our goals.


Having a weekly session with Sophie helped me in many times see things differently and in a calmer way. And by learning how to balance between personal and professional life, helps me enjoy better my work too.

Dana (Corporate Coaching Client)

Traveling Abroad

“Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone”

Sophie Clare Coaching

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