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On a Video Call
Studying at Home

Discovery Call
(30 Minutes)

Find out how Coaching can help you achieve your goals

If you are wondering whether Life Coaching or Professional Coaching can support you to achieve your goals or navigate the challenges you face, this call is for you.


In 30 minutes we will discuss:

  • What you are hoping to achieve through coaching

  • How coaching works and answer your questions

  • Define a strategy to help you achieve your goals

It's also a chance for you to check there is a good chemistry fit. The best coaching relationships work when you feel safe to be yourself and know that you will be challenged to explore new ideas/ways of thinking yet supported along the way. 

You can book this call anytime, even if you are just exploring the idea of coaching and deciding on the best approach for you. Please book using the link below.

2 hour deep dive Coaching session 

Get clarity and a plan of action

Designed to support you with a key challenge or issues you face right now. Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed, or have a big decision to make and you need help to break it down and see clearly.


This session will help you get clarity and create a plan you feel comfortable with so you can take action today.


It's also a great introduction to coaching if you've not experienced it before. Take 2 hours, focus on you. You wont regret it.

Simply book a Discovery call and let me know what you are looking to achieve or resolve and we can deign the session to hit that goal.

Dancing Women
Yoga by the Sea

Get Ready to Thrive
6 week Group Coaching Programme

Time to reset, discover your truth and reach your potential - whether thats a new career or a new approach to achieving the life you desire

Get Ready to Thrive is my first steps/introductory programme, helping you do the inner work and soul searching that will transform your approach finding fulfilment in your life, and give you the clarity you need to move forward and Thrive.

It’s time to believe in you. Believe you deserve to have more in life. Believe change is possible. Believe you can be happy, fulfilled and reaching your potential.


Imagine if you could:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want in your life or career in order to feel fulfilled and able to reach your potential.

  • Discover ‘the real you’ so you can show up authentically at home and work and make a change that feels aligned to who you are

  • Uncover the confidence and self-belief you need to put yourself first, and make your dreams a reality

  • Create a vision of your future path that feels authentic, meaningful, and motivating so you can manifest your goals

  • Understand how your limiting beliefs and triggers hold you back, and how to create a new healthy mindset so you can achieve your dreams

Private 1:1 Coaching
2 month programme

Coaching support to help you stay on track or see you through a bigger life change

Coaching can help you with many of the challenges you face. Whether you are feeling lost, heading for burnout, in need or more self belief or unsure what your next career move should be, I work with you during the Discovery call to define your coaching goals and create a strategy to support you.


This coaching series offers the following:

  • 6 x hours of 1-1 coaching coaching calls over 2 months (typically 60 minutes each, but can be taken in the best way to suit your goals)​

  • weekly check in and accountability prompts

  • Access to me anytime during working hours via whatsapp for support/advice

  • Access to worksheets and training videos on relevant topics

  • 60 minute wrap up call and celebration

Simply contact me to discuss your goals and I will support you to design a programme and helps you achieve them.

Water Lily

Private 1:1 Coaching 
(30 Minutes)

Coaching support to help you stay on track or see you through a bigger life change

This service is also available to clients who have completed an initial package. Perhaps you are looking for your next job, or going through a new change where more regular check-ins and support can help keep you motivated and on track.

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