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Image of Sophie Wilkinson, Owner of Sophie Clare Coaching. Wearing a pink jumper.
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I'm Sophie, Mental Fitness Coach, Solution Focussed Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

I help people with anxiety disorders and depression, chronic stress and burnout to feel calm and reconnect with joy in their lives, while learning the tools needed to build their mental fitness for the long term too.

I also Coach people who make a change in their life, career or business (or just get better at something) and are looking for clarity and confidence to perform at their best and take steps towards their goals. We are sometimes held back by unhelpful beliefs, or habits that don't support us, and coaching can help you to unlock those and create a pathway so you can achieve your goals.​​​

When you work with me, I support you with the best insights and tools from the world of coaching, neuroscience, NLP, CBT, person centred therapies, listening skills and leadership training. 

I am fully insured, have an enhanced DBS, and work with both adults and children 11+.

I offer coaching & therapy online and also in person in Prestwood, Great Missenden.

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Working with me

My Specialist areas are:

  • Stress/Anxiety Management – panic attacks, social anxiety, health anxiety, fear of public speaking/presenting, phobias, generalised anxiety disorders, anger, depression and their related physical symptoms such as weight gain, IBS or trouble sleeping


  • Mental fitness, Resilience & Mindset Coaching – Giving you the tools you need to build mental fitness. Ensuring you can perform at your best & reach your potential, manage through periods of high stress and/or change with confidence.


  • Burnout recovery – supporting individuals recovering from burnout to recuperate, reconnect with what they want, build resilience and create a career they love

I work with clients using Hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques designed to meet their specific need, and sometimes a combination of approaches depending on the individuals goals. Find out more about Hypnotherapy and Coaching below, or book an initial intro call to discuss the best route for you here:

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Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works by combining psychotherapy and trance (or non sleep deep rest). It's highly effective as a treatment for anxiety disorders and depression, as well as resulting mental and physical symptoms:

  • panic attacks, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, generalised anxiety disorders and anger

  • Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Weight management

  • PTSD, trauma, depression

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Life & Executive Coaching

Whether it's building a better work/life balance, working towards a promotion/new job/new career, banishing your imposter syndrome, or taking your business to the next level - coaching will help empowering you to find clarity and take action towards your goals. 

Coaching enables you to 

  • Build Mental fitness - stop procrastination, aid decision making, feel calm

  • Gain confidence, self belief, self worth - banish your imposter syndrome!

  • Create a vision for the future, and an action plan to achieve it

  • Get clarity on the big decisions

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Combined Approaches

Im my experience, a single solution often isn't always the answer. Depending on where you are in your experience of stress, anxiety and burnout, you may need a combination of therapy & coaching. 


As a skilled listener, I can help you assess your needs and talk you through the different approaches so you can access the right approach for your unique situation.


Have a read through my website or get in touch for an initial 15 minute intro and we can create a combined approach to support you goals.

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