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Get Ready to Thrive

Discover your truth and reach your potential

Group Programme starting in 2023. Spaces are limited, so please get in touch.

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Does this sound like you?

⭐ You have a successful career but it no longer fulfils you

You dream about making a change but don't know where to start

When you think about your goals you find a hundred reasons why they won’t work

You feel like time is passing by and you’re worried you’re going to stay stuck in the same rut year over year.

You are constantly juggling, and never feel you are giving or achieving 100% at anything

You know you are meant for more and are ready to do something about it.

It’s time to believe in you.
Believe you deserve to have more in life.
Believe change is possible.
Believe you can be happy, fulfilled and reaching your potential.
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Imagine if you could...

💞 Get crystal clear on what you want in your life and career in order to feel fulfilled and able to reach your potential.

💞 Discover ‘the real you’ so you can show up authentically at home and work and make a change that feels aligned to who you are

💞 Uncover the confidence and self-belief you need to put yourself first, and make your dreams a reality

💞 Create a vision of your future career path that feels authentic, meaningful, and motivating so you can make 2023 the year it finally happens!

It's time to look inside...

Many women seeking change find themselves feeling stuck, busy, and overwhelmed – so they do what’s easiest and stick with what they know, like staying in a secure job they know and hoping it will change, or at most updating a cv and searching for jobs on linked in.

They believe they can muddle through. So they play it safe and hope somehow they’ll have more balance and fulfillment.

In essence, looking outward and hoping a new set of circumstances (or time) will solve the issue. But it doesn’t.

Here’s why.

Achieving a fulfillment in your life or career doesn’t happen by looking outside of you, but by looking within.

You’ve grown and evolved. So now is the time to reflect, reset and create a new vision of what you want from life based on who you are now.

My story:

I sat in a very similar position myself a few years ago. I’d outgrown my career after having a family, and was trying to stick with it, fit back into the culture, chase the same dreams I had in my 20’s – but it just didn’t work. The more I ignored it, the unhappier I became, and the further away I got from living the real me. The result was years of overwhelm, self-doubt, stress, tears and eventually anxiety and burnout.

What I know now, is that the change I needed was all within me.

Fast forward 3 years, and I’m now in a new career I love, with more self-belief and the confidence to take risks than I ever thought possible!

The solution was all inside. Not outside.

Firstly, I needed to dig deep to rediscover what made me ‘the real me’. Outside work, and outside of being a Mum, a wife, a daughter a friend – who was I and what did I really want?

Secondly, I needed a whole new mindset and belief system to help me step into that version of me and take the steps needed to create a change.

Self-help books and podcasts can teach you a lot, but it’s hard to apply it to your own situation, unique set of circumstances and challenges. You find yourself putting up barriers and quite frankly getting in your own way! It’s hard to see your own blind spots and maintain the commitment needed to see through a big change on your own.

So, this is my inspiration. My passion. To help guide, challenge and support you so you can see through your blind spots, discover what you want and flip the switch that finally gets you ‘unstuck’ and ready to thrive.

Get Ready to Thrive

Get Ready to Thrive will help you look within at a soul level to discover what you really want in your life and career. So you can have the clarity you need to move forward and THRIVE.

Get Ready to Thrive

What's included:

Investment in you: £345

Spaces are sticktly limited to first come first served, so don't delay! 

Payments to be made in full prior to course starting. Please contact me if you need to discuss payment plan options.

💞 Small group setting giving you greater access to me as your coach to support and guide you, and enabling you to input and feedback on the programme as we go.


💞 Meet as a small group, on zoom, for 6 weeks of training and coaching. Each session will be 60 minutes on Wednesdays at 8pm GMT

💞 Opportunity to build connections with others on a similar journey in a confidential space, so you can learn and grow together.


💞 Worksheets, tools and exercises to complete each week to support your journey of self-discovery (Allow 30-60 mins per week to complete)


💞 Private Whatsapp Group to share feedback and ask questions


💞 BONUS - Guided meditation with a guest expert (date/time to be announced) – release stress and tension freeing you up to focus on your journey of self discovery


This is a pilot group programme based on a process that has supported a number of women through my private 1-1 coaching. Here are some testimonials to highlight the results from those sessions.


“I can’t recommend Sophie more highly and I really look forward to continuing this journey with her. All I can say is if you feel in a bit of a rut, not sure how to change things, this is for you. I discovered what core values I can work on to achieve a greater sense of being and that makes a huge difference to my day to day life.”


“Sophie is amazing at getting you to think about your goals and focus on what is important. She is calm and methodical in her approach and makes you think about different and new ways to approach situations that are preventing you from achieving your goals. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone who is struggling in getting their life back on track or needing that push to achieve what they deserve out of life.”


“Sophie’s patient and encouraging nature has given me the motivation and belief that I can make positive changes to my life. I would definitely recommend Sophie’s coaching even if you are not sure what it is you wish to change. With her use of skills, you will have the opportunity to be self-reflective and feel confident to make positive changes.” 

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